Surviving the Festive Season

Festive Season Depression and Anxiety Help

Surviving the Festive Season involves taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing is just as important. Remember to stay hydrated, to eat and drink in moderation and to check up on your friends and family.

Experiencing the Festive Season Blues? There is hope!

Mental health tends to be neglected during the festive season with pressure to spend more money and to attend family reunions. The need to spend more and to be visible around family can trigger one’s anxiety, depression and stress.

SupportLine has detailed information on the causes of depression, symptoms, managing depression and support groups. Depression is a silent killer and a prevalent mental disorder worldwide. Stress is a contributing factor to depression. Stress symptoms include low energy, headaches, upset stomach, aches and pains, chest pains, insomnia etc. Stress management includes being physical, finding healthy habits, getting enough sleep, relaxing, good nutrition and where possible eliminating the triggers of your stress. Most important: never be afraid to get help for yourself or a loved one.

Anxiety and panic attacks are also on the rise during the festive season. There is an increase in criminal activity as well as the need to spend more than what you earn. Find out more about coping with anxiety disorder, anxiety symptoms and panic attacks.

You are not alone. For help and assistance, visit SupportLine Now

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