Pinnacle Healthcare: The Client’s Choice of Locum Agencies

Pinnacle Healthcare provides a recruitment service to ensure at all times that we follow your instructions and understand your requirements and then match our candidates accordingly to this brief.

Our Recruitment Consultants are experts in their field and will work hard to ensure that you are presented with the best candidates available for the role at hand. Our services include a thorough vetting and screening process to ensure that all of our candidates have strong verifiable experience in the UK. The results of all of these checks are available to you upon request.

Our Recruitment Consultants can assist you with both your temporary and permanent recruitment needs at any time. Our IT system enables agency consultants to instantly identify and select candidate staff who are available for shifts and have required skills – as well as prior experience with the client organisation, wherever possible. Continuity of support for healthcare providers is a priority in selection.

Our on-line registration system enables our agency managers to monitor the on-line diaries of availability maintained by our locum candidates. Authorised staff are alerted whenever compliance registrations are due for renewal. As a system safeguard, when a mandatory registration expires without renewal then selection is automatically barred, until compliance is completed and validated.